TLR 8.19

@NotJargo & @TheRealRBV are back with your #MondayLockerRoom presented by #HaminMedia and simulcast on hittingthemarks.com On this weeks show:

- Wrestling with Wrestling...again 

- NXT to USA

- Smackdown 20th Anniversary 

- AEW Sells Out 

- GCW Bloodsport 

- New Japan Royal Quest Announcements 

- King Of The Ring 

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The Professor is back and he is taking us back to the days where we would run home from school, turn on that TV and tune into ESPN 4 pm Eastern! There we would get the Global Wrestling Federation! GWF was based out of Dallas, Texas. It started in June 1991 and folded in September 1994. The GWF was the last pro wrestling promotion to be seen on ESPN regularly. Beginning in the mid-1990s, the network began to emphasize talk shows in the mid-afternoon hours, supplanting pro wrestling. This week Professor breaks down these action packed matches! We hear about the recap of the Lightning Kid vs Jerry Lynn match which took place 1/14/92! then we have the GWF North American Heavyweight Champion The Patriot vs. "The Palm Beach Heartthrob" Scott Anthony in a Two Out of Three Falls Match. No one was allowed to be at ringside during the match. In the main event then get the GWF Tag Team Champions "Hollywood" John Tatum & "Rugged" Rod Price (w/Mr. Skandor Akbar) defending the belts against "Wild" Bill Irwin & Black Bart Two Out of Three Falls Bunkhouse Match!!! We will also hear from Eddie Gilbert, Joe Pedicino and much much more!!!


The Impact Attack 8/17/19: Mathew 12-Gage’s got a gun???

We are back with YOUR Impact Attack!!! This week Big Ray and Matt jump into the 3-count with 5 topics!!! We talk about Katie Perry being accused of sexual misconduct! Some idiot planting pressure cookers in NYC subways for shits and giggles! Disnet and there Star Wars "Faux Pas"1 Conor McGregor sucker punching old men and we have obtained actual audio of Jefferey Epstein's final hours in prison! We also discuss Matt getting robbed at gun point and why he didn't inform Big Ray about this event! Finally we jump into Impact Wrestling 8/16/19! We break down all the action of this weeks show as we are on the road to Bound For Glory!!! All this and much more!


The Locker Room 8.16.19: The Hamin Road Report

Hacker Hamin put down over 1600 Miles in 4 days on the road but he's back to give the Locker Room stooge report that everyone wants to hear. From OVW and all of the new changes going on with the organization to the latest post Summerslam news it's time to start some shit. 

-Hamin's Trip to OVW TV
-WWE Exec cashes in 79% of her stock
-Cody defends signing Orange Cassidy
-NJPW wrestler new coach at NXT PC
-Braun Strowman on not working at SS
-Goldberg talks about how he sucked vs. Undertaker
-Paige has Second Neck Surgery
-Mick Foley gives Bray Wyatt the mandible claw
-nZo claims he's going to change the game
-Stone Cold remarks on Gun Control question

"The road is fuckin hard. The road is fuckin tough." -JB


The Conspiracy Horsemen: BRV Epstein Run In

It's more detailed break down of the the supposed "Suicide" of Jeremy Epstein while under 24/7 title watch. HackerHamin is away on classified black ops, so this week The Infinite Fringe Host Billy Ray Valentine shoots with The Conspiracy Horsemen and brings along another analyst to talk about the latest updates in this ridiculous story of another Elite Murder Cover Up. 

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The Horror Junkyard Episode 16 - The Perfection

When troubled musical prodigy Charlotte (Allison Williams) seeks out Elizabeth (Logan Browning), the new star pupil of her former school, the encounter sends both musicians down a sinister path with shocking consequences.
This week on The Horror Junkyard.  Sal, Chuck, and Kat discuss the cello playing, maggot spewing, stump-hand wielding Netflix horror flick.  The Perfection (2018).

NeXT Level Ep. 158: Descent Into Darkness

Curtain Jerker:
-Bobby Roode’s still a guy
-BlissCross vs The Samurai Sorority
-Law & Otunga
-“The” Brad Shepard finds a nut
-Ziggler stuck in WWE?
-Alicia Fox drunken mess?
-Brie Mode Re-activated
-Orange Cassidy signs with AEW.
-WWE Table for 3 from Applebee’s?!

NXT and Crumpets:
-Decaf Coffey vs Flash
-#ToniCakes with Radze
-Jordan Devlin interview cut short
-Piper and Rhea
-Kenny Williams vs Travis Banks
-Nina Samuels vs Isla Dawn
-GingerTaker is back.
-Coffey/Mastiff: Last Man Standing
-Walter beats up his trainees
-Aichner/Barthel vs The Hunt next week
-Ohno vs Ilya

NXT Proper Recap:
-Final thoughts on TakeOver Toronto 2
-Breezango vs Forgotten Sons
-Bruiserweight vs Velveteen…?
-Corey Taylor promo laziness
-reDragon got screwed
-Io: Descent Into Darkness
-Shayna says “and still.”
-Cole/Gargano Recap
-Riddle vs Dawn next week on NXT
-Myles vs Grimes
-Fancy folder

Dark Match:
NeXT Level Review of GLOW Season 3

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new Force order Podcast - Episode 23: Star Wars is not dead!

On this weeks episode..... The boys talk about the Ep. 9 score and the recent leak by John Williams’ brother. Is Disney purposely killing Star Wars to not pay George Lucas royalties?? How much would you pay for a black Kyber crystal?? Who’s more OVER is a battle of the two most hated aspects of Star Wars (no not Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy morons) it’s Jar Jar Binks vs The Ewoks! On the TatTOYine segment Doc reviews some Disney park droids and the new Tatooine Skiff and Guards. Join the nFo and find out the real scoop from real fans!


The Infinite Fringe :Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own and the Rise Of The Right, Trump ,Brexit with Neil Sanders

Neil Sanders breaks down the PSYOP that was the 2016 U.S Presidential Election and Brexit. Don Jeffries and John Brisson jump in to co host and give their thoughts on mind control, the Heritage Foundation and the CNP. Which one of your favorite right wing personality is legit? Probably non. The deception and manipulation also spreads to the Alternative Media. No one is safe. 

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WLR : Detective Daniel Bryan you Fredos !

Roman Reigns has a great match with Buddy Murphy

The King of the Ring is back who will win.

Sasha Banks returned to a huge reaction

Kota Ibushi wins the G!